The award ceremony is moved to Tofta due COVID-19!

In consultation with Region Gotland & Wisby Strand, we have on 15 October 2020 decided to place this year’s award ceremony at Tofta shooting range and the GGN area. Prizes will be awarded approximately one hour after the finish line for each class both on Friday 23/10 and Saturday 24/10. The location for the award ceremony will be located in the event area. From 2020, there will be no award ceremony for the youngest participants in the gold helmet classes according to guidelines from the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Swedish Sports Federation.

All trophies are then also picked up at Tofta shooting range as soon as the result lists have been published publicly and the respite time has expired.

The reason is that the infection of Covid-19 has increased recently and then we choose to keep it outdoors for GGN 2020 and not all classes at the same time.

You who have already booked dinner on Friday or Saturday will get the full amount refunded automatically and do not need to contact us.
Sincerely, The Gotland Grand National Management Team.