We warmly welcome you to the 37th edition of Gotland Grand National.

Here we now want to share the last very important information before your arrival to Gotland and GGN. Anyone who violates any of our rules and restrictions will be suspended from both GGN 2020 & 2021. The organization around GGN has been working since April with all the different authorities so that GGN can be implemented in a safe way despite the pandemic. It is important that you and your relatives make sure to take responsibility through your stay on Gotland.

In consultation with infection control authorities on Gotland, we first want to share three very important points.

  • In the event of breathing symptoms, even if mild, you refrain from traveling or participating in GGN, regardless of the task during the event.
  • Should you or your relatives develop breathing symptoms, even if mild during the event and stay on Gotland, you should isolate yourself and ensure that you take a sample for covid-19. Instructions for how this is done on Gotland can be found at 1177.se.
  • If you or a relative should be sick, you should have a plan for where to stay until you are healthy and asymptomatic if you have given a negative test, or at least 7 days, of which 2 days asymptomatic if you have tested positive for covid-19 or not taken a test. It is not permitted under the Swedish Diseases Federation to travel by public transport such as Destination Gotland with an ongoing infection that may be covid-19.



  • You must follow all guidelines for your stay in the GGN area. You must take responsibility for keeping your distance in the area. The measures are a requirement for the competition to take place this year. The authorities have been very clear that the competition will be canceled if the guidelines are not followed.

The Swedish Motorcycle and Snowscooter Association SVEMO’s guidelines apply as a basis for your participation in GGN 2020.

  1. To facilitate handling during inspections at the entrances, all documents must be ready in your cars. (1 service is allowed per participant. Gold helmet / youth may have 2). Everyone must arrive at the same time to be admitted to the area.
  2. When parking in the depot, you park where you are referred.
  3. Overnight in the depot! Updated 20201019: Today, Monday 19/10 2020, we had new conversations with our infection control doctor on Gotland. We have now received their approval to allow vehicles (caravans and so on) to stay in the depot overnight. We recommend staying only one night if possible.
  4. All participants will receive the following in their check-in envelope: Competitors: Yellow or blue COMPETITIOR. Supplied: Yellow or blue SERVICE STAFF COMPETITIOR. In the envelope for Gold Helmet and Youth is an extra (black) for a possible third person called RELATIVE COMPETITIOR. This means that anyone who does not wear this badge will be rejected from the GGN area.
  5. Everyone who wears these badges has access every three days Thursday 22/10-Saturday 24/10. Does not matter if it is yellow, blue or black. Of course, the check-in and inspection times must be followed, available on nordicsportevent.se – GGN. That you have access during three days is due to many people forgetting their clothes, leaving their timekeeping chip, forgetting their medal etc. So you should of course have a case for the area and it is absolutely forbidden to participate as an audience. So no one should be out in the woods and walk around and watch the the competition, then you will be rejected.
  6. This year we have 3 check-in tents and more lines for picking up starter envelopes. This year, the timing chip is already in the envelope with number etc. to further reduce queues and times. Keep a distance of 1.5 m in all queues in the area.
  7. For sound measurement and inspection (this year 2 tents) it starts with two queues for the sound measurement which then divides by 4 when you get to the inspection. Here, too, we keep a distance of 1.5 meters between us all the way through.
  8. As for the area at check-in with our Team, exibitors and food crew, we have redesigned the concept this year and do not have a large tent as we will not gather people under one roof. So remember to keep your distance when you shop for both food and other things in the area. We will reject anyone from the area who does not respect our crew. All of our 45 head Crew have undergone training in infection control management.
  9. At the start, it is only the participants who are allowed to stay at the area. You must stand by your motorcycle at all times and it is not allowed to walk around and talk to others. In GGN 2020, there are 75 in each starting line instead of 100. Remember to keep a distance between you when you line up. Arrive well in advance for the start.
  10. In the refueling track, it is only allowed with one service staff and it should be the right color on the batch. Teams and participants in elite class 1 women and men as well as class 3 junior have previously received information that exemption has been applied for. That time expired on 17/10 2020.
  11. At the finish line, all classes hand in their transponder at the check-in tents this year in exchange for receiving their medal. This year also applies to classes 1,2,3 and 18. Anyone who does not submit their transponder will be invoiced SEK 1250.
  12. GGN 2020 will take place without an audience. All will be rejected from the area if not wearing their badge.
  13. Travel & Accommodation on Gotland during the GGN week. Destination Gotland has a capacity of 2/3 parts on board all departures and is very helpful and has good flow when going up and down from car tires. Also think about the distances when you buy food on board the ferry. The hotels have coped very well this summer, just as Destination Gotland has done with over 60,000 visitors to Gotland every week. We estimate that about 6000-7000 people go to Gotland for GGN against about 10,000 a normal GGN year.

Finally, it is each individual’s responsibility to respect other people such as participants, functionaries, suppliers, partners and we assume that you will set a good example and ambassadors for GGN and yourself. The information above is mandatory for everyone to follow and is a requirement for the competition to take place. If the restrictions are not followed, the authorities will cancel the competition.


In consultation with Region Gotland (infection control doctor) and Wisby Strand, we have on Thursday, October 15, made a joint decision to place the entire award ceremony to Tofta and the GGN area. The award ceremony will take place approximately one hour after the finish line for each class both on Friday 23/10 & Saturday 24/10. The place for the award ceremony will be in the check-in area, where everyone will pick up their trophies that have been placed for it.

With regard to the very youngest in Guldhjälm, there is currently no award ceremony in accordance with new guidelines on 1 January 2020 from the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The young people, like the others, have the award ceremony in the GGN area one hour after the finish. All trophies can then be picked up immediately after the result lists have been published and the respite time has expired (30 minutes). The gold helmets and young people all receive the trophy and receive it in connection with the submission of the timekeeping chip. After the finish line for elite class 1 women and men, class 2 senior, class 3 junior and class 18 (electric), this year there will be no award ceremony in connection with the finish line. It takes place instead about 1 hour after the finish line in the check-in area at Tofta shooting range. The reason we are moving everything to Tofta is of course the pandemic COVID-19 has now increased in Sweden and Europe again. And together with the authorities, we have considered it good that everyone stays outdoors as much as possible. Those who have already booked their dinner on Friday or Saturday will be refunded all money automatically, so you do not have to let us know anything.


We warmly welcome you to Gotland Grand National 2020!