GGN 2020, 24 MX servicedepot

Book your own 24 MX service depot. Only for participants in amateur classes.

For those who participate in the amateur classes.
 Our drivers have requested the opportunity to buy a full-range concept for depot stops in the exercise classes. Many drivers do not have friends or acquaintances for help. 

This is part of the 24 MX Service:

  • Reserved refueling track 1 & 2
  • Personal service
  • 24 MX tent*
  • 24 MX refueling carpet*
  • 24 MX stool *
  • Free gasoline
  • Drinks and fruits for energy filling
  • Price 995 SEK incl. VAT 25%
    * This is a service we provide on site, which means you can not keep this after a race.

För dig som redan är anmäld fyll i denna ruta för att lägga till 24 MX servicedepå

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