Gotland Grand National

We warmly welcome you to the 37th edition of Gotland Grand National.

Here we now want to share the last very important information before your arrival to Gotland and GGN. Anyone who violates any of our rules and restrictions will be suspended from both GGN 2020 & 2021. The organization around GGN has been working since April with all the different authorities so that GGN can be implemented in a safe way despite the pandemic. It is important that you and your relatives make sure to take responsibility through your stay on Gotland.

In consultation with infection control authorities on Gotland, we first want to share three very important points.

  • In the event of breathing symptoms, even if mild, you refrain from traveling or participating in GGN, regardless of the task during the event.
  • Should you or your relatives develop breathing symptoms, even if mild during the event and stay on Gotland, you should isolate yourself and ensure that you take a sample for covid-19. Instructions for how this is done on Gotland can be found at
  • If you or a relative should be sick, you should have a plan for where to stay until you are healthy and asymptomatic if you have given a negative test, or at least 7 days, of which 2 days asymptomatic if you have tested positive for covid-19 or not taken a test. It is not permitted under the Swedish Diseases Federation to travel by public transport such as Destination Gotland with an ongoing infection that may be covid-19.

Welcome to Gotland Grand National 2020!
Greetings from Nordic Sport & Event and Enduro- & Motocrossklubb Gotland.

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Here we will gather the information you need so you can follow the drivers, see results from this weekend’s competitions.

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Live broadcast SVT Sport
Saturday 24/10. Commentator: Johan Ejeborg. Reporter: Maria Wallberg. Expert commentator: L-G Ståhl. Riding expert: Anders Eriksson.
at 09.30- Exercise classes
at 13.00 – The elite classes
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Elite driver with GPS transmission
The link contains a list of the drivers in the elite start who will have GPS tracking on them.
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The speaker sound
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Information about the competition


Friday’s classes:
Golden helmet
3 – 85 CC
4 – 65 CC
5 – 50 CC

1 – E0 12-16 years 85 CC
2 – E1 13-16 years 125 CC

14 – Veteran “Pre 74” White Black
15 – Veteran ”1975–1985” White Black
16 – Veteran “EVO” White Black
17 – Veteran “Super EVO”

7 – 50-59 years
8 – Motion dam
9 – Military
12 – 60+ years

Saturday’s classes:
1 – Elite
1 – Elite, dam
2 – Senior 24-65 years
3 – Junior
4 – 15-29 years
5 – 30-39 years
6 – 40-49 years
18- Electric

Start time

Friday 23 October
8.30 – Class 5 (Golden helmet 50 cc)
8.30 – Class 14, 15, 16, 17 (Veteran)
9.30 – Class 4 (Golden helmet 65 cc)
10.30 – Class 3 (Golden helmet 85 cc)
10.00 – Class 1.2 (Youth)
12.45– Class 7,12,8,9 (50-59,60 +, Women, Military)

Saturday 24 October
8.45 – Class 4 (15-29)
8.55 – Class 5 (30-39)
9.05 – Class 6 (40-49)
12.30 – Class 1, 2, 3, 18 (Elite, Senior, Junior, electric)

The tracks

Courses Friday:
The course for young people – Youth and Veteran is a loop of about 10 km with lap counting, tank loop and finish line and is divided into 5 sections.
Driving time for youth – Youth is 2 h, Golden helmet 45 min and Veteran class 1 h. The track for Guldhjälm is about 3 km.

Track  Friday & Saturday:
A loop of about 22 km with a tank loop (observe different), lap count and finish which is divided into 22 sections. In all classes the driving time is 3 hours.

Total winner 2019

2019 Men: 1st Filip Bengtsson, 2nd Eero Reemes, 3rd Robert Kvarnström.
2019 Ladies: 1st Hanna Berzelius, 2nd Emilia Reimander, 3rd Hedvig Dahlberg

Prize money

1: an                      2: an               3: an
Total winner          SEK 12,000        SEK 7,500      SEK 5,000
1 Elite                      SEK 2,000          SEK 1,000      SEK 500
1 Elite, ladies          SEK 2,000         SEK 1,000      SEK 500
2 Senior                   SEK 2,000         SEK 1,000      SEK 500
3 Junior                   SEK 2,000          SEK 1,000     SEK 500

23-24th of October 2020
3 200 registered drivers
4000 hamburgers
700 officials
14 nationalities 2019

Come on and experience Gotland Grand National

This trailer shows what a great experience Gotland Grand National is. GGN, which is the world´s largest enduro race, offers many things. If you like motocross and enduro GGN is simply a must for you and your friends.

Frequent questions & answers

How do I register?

To register, click on the registration and choose the race you want to register for. Then click on create new user account and fill in your details. A confirmation will be sent by e-mail to the specified e-mail address immediately after payment has been confirmed.  Please note that if you have already registered for a race and want to sign up for a new one, you must click on create new user account again, as the races are separated in the system. But please use the same login as it is easier for you to remember all your accounts in the future.

How much does it cost?

  • Elite and Amateurs cost 995 SEK
  • Little GGN –Youth 395 SEK
  • Golden Helmet 395 SEK
  • Veteran 595 SEK

6 % VAT as it is a sports event.

Which class should I register for?

Click on supplementary rules, and you will find all the information about which class you should register for.

I cannot log in to my account?

Maybe you do not have an account. Try clicking on create new user account and see if you can create an account with your personal details. If you have already registered for a race and want to sign up for a new one, you must click on create new user account again, as the races are separated in the system. But please use the same login as it is easier for you to remember all your accounts in the future.

When I am trying to create an account, it says that my personal number is taken.

Maybe the system recognises your personal number from a previous occasion. Contact us at and we will help you.

What do I need in order to participate?

To participate, membership in a Svemo club and a valid license for the race are required. An international license, annual license or temporary license for enduro for the competition. You can buy your license here:

Do I need a license to drive?

Yes, a license from Svemo is required to be allowed to participate. An international license, annual license or temporary license for enduro for the competition. You can buy your license here:

Can I register even if I do not have a license?

Yes, you can register even if you have not bought your license yet. But in order to compete you need to hold a valid license. Buy your license here:

How do I find my starting number?

We release starting numbers approx. 6 weeks before the competition and distribute the information via e-mail and social media. Then you can find your starting number in the starting list, which is published on the website.

How does seeding work?

Seeding is based on the results from the previous year. You will be seeded according to the total position, so even if you switch classes you will be seeded according to your total position previous year as we match it with your personal number.


News from Gotland Grand National


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